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Live Auto Zoom

Zooming needs a completely stable hand as well as knowledge of how you create cinematic sequences. With Vidhance Live Auto Zoom, your phone zooms in and follows your object automatically.

What it is

Following and tracking objects is a long-standing core expertise with us. From our defense drone days, we learned how to detect, size and track moving objects. Now we are putting a mix of technology components together to enable consumers to actually create professional-looking and dynamic video using Live Auto Zoom.


What’s more, since Vidhance Live Auto Zoom takes control over smooth zooms and pans, it even allows users to go beyond being film-makers to become live producers, creating exciting studio-like clips. Consumers are empowered and the gap between them and the professionals is reduced.

How it works

Clicking the Vidhance Live Auto Zoom screen lets you select your motive. Since most of us are not too familiar with rules of composition, the software assists you in placing the object according to cinematic rules. With smooth transitions between wide and close crops, you automatically get a result that is more interesting, professional looking and more intuitive than ever.

How to get it

Vidhance Live Auto Zoom is part of the Vidhance SDK, which includes support for integration in any software layer of the camera pipeline, whether it is inside the camera driver or in a high level application. Vidhance offers a rich and well documented API with a high level of configuration available to the user. A standard CPU/GPU works just fine, so there are hardly any hardware dependencies or minimal requirements to worry about.