The technology – how it works and comes together

  • The core of the Vidhance platform lies in the algorithms, which have been developed and refined over many years by some of the sharpest minds in the industry. Vidhance provides a well-thought-out set of functions that may be integrated in different layers of the software stack; from deeply embedded integration, to apps to cloud implementations.

    The Vidhance platform is built up of many tightly integrated software components, built to meet hard real-time requirements and designed to be combined in any desired way. Read about how it works and comes together.

Extracting and calculating metadata

  • Analytics is a central part of the Vidhance framework and deals with extracting useful information from the current video stream, in addition to the visual information in the video itself. By extracting and calculating metadata for each video frame, more and more complex functionality can be stacked together and combined to create visual effects that are both intelligent and intuitive.

    Our smart and adaptive algorithms combine this data to produce professional-looking video in a fully automatic and efficient way. Vidhance provides a short and uncomplicated step towards complicated feats of cinematographic brilliance.

Professional looking

  • Analysis, metadata and optimization can mean different things depending on which functions are enabled. To perform Live Video Stabilization, for example, the metadata needed is the richest information that can be retrieved on camera, background and object motion patterns Optimizing this means adding a layer of intelligence on how the video can be transformed to look like professional equipment was used in its making.

Instant sharing

  • Everyone knows that using the digital zoom on a For Live Auto Zoom analysis means finding and tracking objects as they move around in the scene.

    Optimization entails transforming the video to smoothly zoom in or out when objects move, reappear, disappear or whenever the user wants to. The final rendering step always takes the processed video and shows it on the screen and/or saves it to a video file for instant sharing.

Easy to use

  • We well understand what engineers, video professionals and everyday end-users want because our team consists of people from all three categories.

    • Vidhance has a simple clear-cut API, is modular, and comes with an SDK to make it flexible as well as easy to integrate and optimize for particular platforms, all features that engineers appreciate highly.
    • Vidhance contains not only state-of-the-art video algorithms but also professional knowledge of esthetics and conventional wisdom on how to make good videos.
    • Vidhance running on a device is intuitive for the end-user.
  • We believe that there is huge unleashed potential in the smartphone ecosystem of today and we want to capitalize on that potential through an outstanding end user experience, setting the user’s creativity free.

    • Andreas Lifvendahl

    • CEO of Imint
  • At BQ we chose Imint and Vidhance because they had the right solution for us. Their support throughout the whole integration has been great and necessary for the success of this venture. Not only does Vidhance technology perform flawlessly in terms of stabilization but it also allows us to tailor our user’s experience while recording videos.

    • Carlos Iniesta

    • Head of Camera at BQ
  • We are happy to team up with Imint Vidhance, who has shown dedication to take user experience in smartphone video recording to the next level. This aligns well with Wiko’s strategic objective to Wiko WIM & WIM LITE, and combining forces we can take a leadership role.

    • Olivier Simon

    • Technology Strategist - Wiko Mobile