Fujitsu first in Asia to launch Vidhance® Live Auto Zoom from Imint

FUJITSU CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, a customer of Imint Image Intelligence AB (publ) since February 2018 now includes “Vidhance Live Auto Zoom™” in their latest smartphone “Arrows BE” and becoming the first manufacturer to market this feature in Aisa.

FujitsuPbyV (2)

Imint – famous for its world leading video stabilization algorithms is now gaining increased market traction for its Live Auto Zoom™ product. The feature has been available on the European market since 2017 through smartphones from Wiko mobile. Fujitsu is the first smartphone manufacturer in Asia to launch this feature.

Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, commented:

”Vidhance® Live Auto Zoom from Imint gives the user the power to compose videos just like a professional and instantly create engaging videos for immediate sharing on social media. We are very happy that Fujitsu has chosen to launch the feature and to become the first manufacturer in Asia to market it. We see a positive reception and uptake on the market for this feature and we believe that the interest will grow when more users get the chance to use it and see for themselves what a difference it makes on the resulting video.”

Fujitsu product web site in Japanese:

Vidhance Live Auto Zoom product web site:


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