Imint and Sharp Extend Joint Business

IMINT Image Intelligence AB (publ) and Sharp Corporation have increased the scope of the license agreement established in April 2017. The extension provides Sharp the possibilities to include additional Vidhance functionality in its products.


On April 18th, 2017, Imint announced that a 3-year license agreement with Japanese Sharp Corporation were established, related to Vidhance video stabilization. At a later stage, Imint announced the Aquos R smartphone as the first product launched. The parties have now agreed to extend the license agreement by incorporating more Vidhance functionality, by effecting an amendment to the original agreement.

Sharp AQUOS R2 will be launched in June 2018. This new model will be equipped with a super wide-angle camera, to enable users to take more cinema-like video with a larger field of view. Imint is proud to provide the super wide-angle stabilization feature as well as the latest version of Vidhance Stabilization as key components of this solution.

Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, commented:

“Our co-operation with Sharp has been successful, and we are very proud of the confidence in us reflected in this extension of our business together. Sharp is a very experienced and technically competent customer, with high demands on its suppliers. We see this extension as a sign that we have so far lived up to these expectations. The first Aquos smartphones with Vidhance has been well received by the market, and we believe we are just in the beginning of our relationship with Sharp.”

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IMINT is a Swedish public software company traded at AktieTorget. The company is specialized in intelligent sensor and data analysis that drive the development of visionary and targeted products and solutions that create leaders of innovation. Vidhance® by IMINT is a video enhancement software that transforms a smartphone camera into a professional video recording device. The Vidhance® features are now part of many of the major smartphone vendors’ offerings and are already enjoyed by 20+ million end-users. The features include Live Video Stabilization, Live Auto Zoom, Auto Curate and many more creative enablers. BQ, Huawei, Vivo, Samsung Electronics, Sharp and Wiko Mobile are some of the enterprises that have select IMINT as a partner. IMINT’s head office is in Uppsala, Sweden, with a branch office in Shanghai, China.


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Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, IMINT Image Intelligence AB


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