IMINT releases version 3.5 of the Vidhance® video enhancement software platform with a number of new products and improvements

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IMINT Image Intelligence AB today launches version 3.5 of Vidhance® – a software platform for video enhancement. The new release contains a number of new products and improvements. 


Highlights of the release are the following new products:

Product #1: Vidhance Horizon Correction – makes users’ videos look more professional while walking, panning, or using a selfie stick, free from slanting horizons.

Product #2: Vidhance Field of View Correction – smoother videos while switching focus.

Product #3: Vidhance Still Image Stabilization – creates the best possible result of the footage, even under sub-optimal conditions.

Product #4: Vidhance Temporal Noise Reduction – increases the video quality and performance, especially in low-light conditions.

Product #5: Vidhance Hyperlapse – generates even smoother time-lapse videos easily.

“After a half year of innovative development efforts, we are today happy to launch the latest version of our flagship platform Vidhance 3.5,” says Jan Nyrén, Vidhance Product Director.

“The Vidhance platform from IMINT has been successfully proven among 150+ million consumers for several years. Vidhance holds the highest DxO score and prominent companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Blackshark, Sharp, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Wiko, General Mobile, and BQ rely on our technology. This confirms that we have steered our skills and resources in the right direction.”

“With the new products in the latest platform version Vidhance® 3.5, even better video quality with an even higher DxO score is achievable. We are devoted to being market leader by continued hard work and further evolving our video enhancement suite.”

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