IMINT releases version 3.0 of the Vidhance® video enhancement software platform

Product announcement; IMINT Image Intelligence AB (IMINT), today launches version 3.0 of the video enhancement software platform Vidhance®

An updated core platform

Considerable development efforts have been invested in the next generation of Vidhance platform where focus has been spent on optimization and restructuring the fundamental core libraries. The ambition has been to

  • Make more efficient use of the underlying CPU – the result shows an increased performance and power efficiency which makes the new version run up to 50% faster than previous version.
  • Increase the power efficiency – the faster software means more efficient power consumption. Vidhance 3.0 is up to 50% more power efficient than the previous version.
  • Simplify the integration into a target environment – the new platform allows for easier and faster integration into its target environment implying a faster time to market for Vidhance customers.
  • Enable multi-platform support – Vidhance 3.0 adds support for Linux and Window in addition to Android which makes Vidhance accessible from a broader set of target environments.

Johan Svensson, Vidhance Product Director, added:

“After considerable time of focused development efforts we are today happy to unveil the latest version of our flagship platform Vidhance® 3.0. Our ambition has been to improve the speed and power efficiency as well as to simplify integration and to broaden the addressable target environments. All the features that our customers have come to love, such as video stabilization and dynamic motion blur reduction etc. are still there, the difference is that it is now accessible in a faster and more efficient implementation. The platform is also more accessible to both our customers in the smartphone domain as well as to other industry verticals.”

Valuable add-ons

Vidhance® Video Stabilization not only provides consumers with exceptionally smooth smartphone video clips, it also offers valuable add-on features such as Time Lapse, Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction, Slow motion, Live Composer, Noise Reduction and many more enabler functions.

Solution and services

The Vidhance® features are now part of many of the major smartphone vendors’ offerings and are already enjoyed by 55+ million end-users.

Vidhance provides a well-thought-out set of functions that may be integrated in different layers of the software stack; from deeply embedded integration, to apps to cloud implementations. Our video enhancement software will deliver even in the toughest conditions. Use our experience to put all pieces together, Vidhance engineers can also serve as advisors or strengthen customer camera team.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Nyrén, Marketing Director Imint Image Intelligence AB (publ)    

Telefon: 018-474 99 90


Imint is a Swedish public software company traded at Spotlight. The company is specialized in intelligent sensor and data analysis that drive the development of visionary and targeted products and solutions that create leaders of innovation. Vidhance® by Imint is a video enhancement software that transforms a smartphone camera into a professional video recording device. The Vidhance® features are now part of many of the major smartphone vendors’ offerings and are already enjoyed by 55+ million end-users. The features include Live Video Stabilization, Live Auto Zoom, Auto Curate and many more creative enablers. Blackshark, BQ, Fujitsu, Huawei, Sharp, Vivo, Wiko Mobile and Xiaomi are some of the enterprises that have chosen to cooperate with Imint. Imint’s head office is in Uppsala, Sweden, with a branch office in Shanghai, China.

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