IMINT releases version 3.1 of the Vidhance® video enhancement software platform

IMINT Image Intelligence AB today launches version 3.1 of the video enhancement software platform Vidhance®. The highlights of the release are the new product – Vidhance Video Noise Reduction and a new version of the Vidhance Software Development Kit. Vidhance Video Noise Reduction – a high performing way to reduce the video noise, increase the overall quality and even the DxO-score.

All smartphone cameras of today are highly dependent on an efficient noise reduction algorithm. The market has very high demands not only on low noise, but also on detail preservation and natural looks of the processed video.

Vidhance Video Noise Reduction is specifically developed to match all the special requirements of smartphones. Working together with other key functions within the camera pipeline gives unprecedented possibilities to optimize the overall performance of the captured video.

Key benefits:

  • High performing noise reduction – by utilizing the detailed information generated from Vidhance Video Stabilization, allows a highly optimized result.
  • High detail preservation – in combination with Vidhance Video Stabilization it allows an even higher level of detail in the resulting films.
  • Low power consumption – several Vidhance products cooperating intimately in the video pipeline adds the benefits of barely noticeable extra power consumption.  
  • Increased DxO-score – Vidhance is currently holding the highest DxOMark testing score in Video Stabilization category, with this new product Vidhance Video Noise Reduction, an even higher DxO-score is achievable.

Additions and improvements for the Vidhance SDK increases the flexibility and accessibility of the features.

Also, part of the release is a new version of the Vidhance SDK with a number of additions, all with the aim to make Vidhance a more flexible and more easily accessible from a broader set of target environments. The following features have been added.

  • OpenCL support – Adding support to use OpenCL for internal rendering. This will enable support for more image formats (like HDR) and make Vidhance SDK more flexible for different platforms.
  • Snapdragon 855 support – Reference integration (sample code, documentation) for Qualcomm’s latest flagship platform, Snapdragon 855 is now included in the SDK
  • MediaTek HAL3 support – Reference integration (sample code, documentation) for MTK HAL3 is now included in the SDK
  • Android 9.0 support – SDK has been updated to support the latest Android version 9.0
  • 64-bit support – SDK now has full support for 64-bit platforms in addition to 32-bit variant
  • Improved documentation – Detailed integration instructions are now included to ease the integration process

Johan Svensson, Vidhance Product Director, added:

“After considerable time of focused development efforts, we are today happy to unveil the latest version of our flagship platform Vidhance® 3.1 including the new product – Vidhance Video Noise Reduction. The Vidhance platform from IMINT has been successfully proven among 80+ million consumers for several years. The fact that Vidhance is holding the highest DxO-score and prominent companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Blackshark, Huibo, Sharp, Fujitsu, Wiko, General Mobile and BQ rely on our technology confirms that we have steered our skills and resources in the right direction. With the new product, Vidhance Video Noise Reduction and the latest platform Vidhance® 3.1, an even better video quality with an even higher DxO-score is achievable. We are devoted to stay market leader by continued hard-work and evolution of our video enhancement suite.”

Meet the team from IMINT at the Mobile World Congress

IMINT Image Intelligence AB, is once again exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona between February 25th and 28th, 2019 (Hall 7 F41). IMINT will showcase the latest release of Vidhance Video Noise Reduction. Senior Vidhance engineers will also attend to answer detailed technical questions from customers, partners and press.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Nyrén, Marketing Director Imint Image Intelligence AB (publ)    

Telefon: 018-474 99 90


Imint is a Swedish public software company traded at Spotlight. The company is specialized in intelligent sensor and data analysis that drive the development of visionary and targeted products and solutions that create leaders of innovation. Vidhance® by Imint is a video enhancement software that transforms a smartphone camera into a professional video recording device. The Vidhance® features are now part of many of the major smartphone vendors’ offerings and are already enjoyed by 55+ million end-users. The features include Live Video Stabilization, Live Auto Zoom, Auto Curate and many more creative enablers. Blackshark, BQ, Fujitsu, Huawei, Sharp, Vivo, Wiko Mobile and Xiaomi are some of the enterprises that have chosen to cooperate with Imint. Imint’s head office is in Uppsala, Sweden, with a branch office in Shanghai, China. IMINT Image Intelligence AB share has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since 2015-12-16 under the ticker IMINT and is traded through banks and stockbrokers.



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