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Johan Qviberg - Chairman of the Board

Johan Qviberg is the founder and chairman of the board of the investment company Quinary Investment AB. Qviberg has broad board experience and is currently a board member of Charge Amps and Ework Group. Johan has held a position as equity sales at Öhman Fondkommission.

He has an MSc in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Year of birth: 1981
Elected to the board: May 2023

Shares: 17,128 Direct           1,161,347 Indirect


Erik Axelsson - Board member

Erik Axelsson is the CEO of Quinary Investment AB; a Swedish investment firm focused on Nordic public and private technology companies. Prior to Quinary, Erik worked at Riverstone Holdings in New York, one of the world’s largest energy focused private equity funds.

Erik graduated from Montana State University in 2020 with a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting.

Year of birth: 1994
Elected to the board: May 2023

Shares: 3,500           Stock options: 0


Yvonne Mårtensson - Board member

Yvonne Mårtensson has vast industrial experience in executive management and board director work. Her experience from the healthcare area, specially medical technology and diagnostics, includes executive positions in international marketing, sales and general board director work in fast growing high technology companies. She also has experience from venture capital investment in Suntone Life Science Ventures.

As a CEO for CellaVision AB, 1998-2014, a company within hematology diagnostics using imaging analysis, she managed to take the company from a technical idea to an international well positioned company on the Nasdaq Stockholm.

She holds a M Sc in Industrial Engineering from University of Linköping, Sweden.

Year of birth: 1953
Elected to the board: May 2023

Shares: 0           Stock options: 0


Andreas Lifvendahl - Board member

Andreas Lifvendahl is the former CEO at Vidhance and started at the company as Head of Sales in 2010 before becoming CEO in 2012 until 2023, during the time when the early startup grew into a publicly traded firm. Other than the valuable knowledge of Vidhance he also brings expertise from over 25 years leading and advising technology startups and growth companies, including senior roles at companies like IAR Systems and serving on boards focused on emerging tech advancement.

Andreas holds an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University, Sweden, along with academic credentials in business and finance.

Year of birth: 1971
Elected to the board: December 2023

Shares: 74,385           Stock options: 25,000


2023-01-20 Utklippt Nils Hulth

Nils Hulth - CEO

Nils has been with the company since May 2022 with the role of Product manager and was appointed acting CEO in August 2023 and permanent CEO in October 2023. Nils has an MSc in Computer Science from Uppsala University, and a MSc degree in machine learning and adaptive systems from the University of Sussex. He did PhD studies at Lund University in machine learning, machine vision, robotics, etc.

Early in his career, he worked in life science, but also ventured into a start-up he founded, Rotundus (a very cool spherical robot system). His longest tenure is with Pricer, where he has worked the last 16 years, in practically all roles spanning from development management, sales management, and since 2017, in roles around product & business development management. As part time assignments, he is also through Uppsala Innovation Center a business coach for different Uppsala startups in various domains, but with tech as the common theme.

Year of birth: 1971

Shares: 15,000           Stock options: 12,500


Thomas Sporrong - Director of Sales - Consumer

Thomas has over 15 years’ experience of the Embedded software industry in a broad set of roles including technical, sales and leadership roles. He is internationally seasoned and has a strong background in software product business where he managed global sales- and application teams as well as acted in customer forefront roles.

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and a Master of Science in Computing, both from Mälardalen University.

Year of birth: 1977

Shares: 10,500           Stock options: 5,000


Niclas Elvgren – Director of Sales - Professional

Niclas has a technical background of both hardware and software development as well as an experienced project manager. He has been with the company since 2016 and strongly contributed to the successful build-up of the sales organization in his various leadership roles. Since his start at the company, he has been working closely with our customers and our products, successfully bringing them to market. Prior to his current assignment he was heading the global Sales Engineering team ensuring our customers success story.

Niclas holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.

Year of birth: 1986

Shares: 2,500           Stock options: 0


Jonathan Ekman - Financial Director

Jonathan Ekman has over 15 years of experience both as a manager and a leader as well as a consultant.

Jonathan holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Year of birth: 1977

Shares: 0           Stock options: 2,500

Emil W

Emil Westergren - Development Director

Emil has an MSc in Computer Engineering from Linköping University and has been at the company since 2014. Starting out as a Software Engineer he has played multiple roles in the company’s successful venture into the smartphone business. In recent years the focus has shifted towards growing and improving the development department.

Year of birth: 1989

Shares: 0           Stock options: 1,000


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