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Rapid technological advancement is enabling billions of users to take close-to-professional looking still photos and videos with their smartphones — thanks in no small way to the ever improving image and video software algorithms.

Our passion is totally focused on image and video enhancement, and, because of this singular focus, we are recognized experts in sensor data and optimization — the one company best able to enhance all mobile consumer and professional cameras.

Our Strategy

We focus on building products where we package both a growing number of solutions as well as our own expertise into a scalable format. This is our recipe for growth. We know that growth, and potential for future growth, will drive long term value for our shareholders, and we know that this requires constant innovation and endless curiosity into what is possible but not yet real.

Empowered humans are the foundation for succeeding in this quest and, because of this, we always engage with the sharpest and the most creative minds in the industry.

We are the world’s leading video enhancement software provider, and, to date, we have integrated Vidhance into nearly one billion consumer devices. This, however, is merely the start of our journey. In the next chapter of our story, we will also target professional users with existing and new solutions, with sustainable and longer term business models.

To ensure that we maintain maximum transparency about all our goals, strategies, and plans, we will, since 2023, report on our progress as two separate business units: Consumer and Professional.

We look forward to sharing our story with you!


IR Contact – Jonathan Ekman

Jonathan Ekman is the official IR contact at Vidhance.


Phone: +46 706-48 35 35


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