About us
It’s all about attitude:
Good enough isn’t great enough!

‘Good enough isn’t great enough’ is the attitude that most accurately describes our end-users’ point of view. They want the best results possible. Results that enhance their experience. Results that create a desire to make more videos.


It’s also our attitude when developing product and business solutions. We always strive to do a little more – even more than we first thought possible.

Our Mission

”Swedish high-end technology that makes it easy to enhance the video experience”

Rapid technology advancement has enabled billions to take close-to-professional looking photos with their smartphones. But it’s unlikely that you feel your smartphone video would be good enough to air on a big screen.


The video medium is much harder to do well compared with still photography. Video is live and running, stacking unknown moments after each other. At the same time, people want to share videos with each other more and more. But not many have the time or skill to post-process their videos. Instead, they want to share them immediately with friends and family.

• Easier for manufacturers to make it better for end-users.


• Analyzes, optimizes and improves video in real time to create added value for consumer and industrial markets.


• Makes smartphone users feel like professional film-makers.

At Imint, the company behind Vidhance, we want to revolutionize the way video is captured, improved and shared. We want to remove the differences between user-made video and professional results. Originating as a spin-off of academic research at Uppsala University, we spent several years serving the demanding defense and industrial markets before focusing on smartphones and social media/apps under our global brand Vidhance.

With our strong experience of supporting large customers with their product integration, we have created Vidhance, a platform proven to be modular, flexible and easy to integrate. Vidhance disrupts the notion of what can and cannot be done on a smartphone.


The road map for Vidhance is ambitious as well as disruptive – we are set to dramatically change what consumers can expect from their phone film-making. It’s about making users proud and inspiring their creativity as film-makers.