Security and Law Enforcement

Vidhance SDK for Security and Law Enforcement is suitable for any camera exposed to motion or shaking.

Vidhance for Security and Law Enforcement Video

Vidhance SDK for Security and Law Enforcement is suitable for any camera exposed to motion or shaking, whether it’s a body-worn camera, a vehicle or drone camera, or a surveillance camera mounted on a flexible pole. It can be seamlessly integrated into the video pipeline, in the hardware abstraction layer or the app layer of the camera, or in the backend cloud or video monitoring system. Therefore, the original video can be securely stored as evidence, while our API allows the viewer to toggle Vidhance on and off in real-time or during post-processing.

Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization

What is it?

Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization keeps the frame stable when the camera is exposed to shaking and motion. It also maintains the horizontal plane and corrects lens distortion. In low-light conditions, Vidhance controls the exposure time per frame to minimize motion blur. All processing can be done in real-time with little to no latency.

Why is it helpful?

Good video capture is usually most crucial when there is action, which means camera motion and shaking. The stabilized video, with minimized blur and distortion, aids watchers better understand sequences of events, and AI algorithms perform more effectively. Additionally, a Vidhance stabilized video consumes less bandwidth during streaming, which is particularly valuable when many people are gathered and sharing the same streaming resources. PTZ cameras also benefit from Vidhance Premium Stabilization. With high zoom levels, even minor vibrations in the camera can be magnified, resulting in blurry videos. Vidhance effectively addresses and mitigates these issues, ensuring smoother and clearer video footage.

How does it work?

Vidhance reads motion data from the camera’s motion sensors and calculates optimal stabilization and exposure frame by frame. As long as the motion sensor data is packaged and synchronized with the video stream, the Vidhance processing can be done anytime and anywhere. Vidhance sensor-based stabilization has proven to be more cost-effective and reliable than gimbals, optical or image-based stabilization.


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