Like many smartphone users, do you find it frustrating when your device fails to capture those magical moments exactly as they unfold? Often, the footage doesn’t fully convey the vibrancy and emotion of the experience. That’s where Vidhance steps in.

We provide the tools to empower your customers to record their experiences more authentically and beautifully. With Vidhance, our aim is to ensure that what you record on screen truly reflects the moments as you experienced them — every time.

Elevate your smartphone camera

Vidhance is a video enhancement software platform that transforms smartphone cameras, or in fact, any type of camera into a professional video recording device. Based on cutting edge video enhancement algorithms, the platform delivers a superior end-user experience and still maximizes the full potential of the underlying hardware. A platform developed and refined by the sharpest brains in the industry, and with an especially strong focus on moving cameras such as smartphones, bodycams, smartglasses, drones and similar.

Proven Greatness

Independent reviews justify the power of Vidhance. We are very proud of the fact that Vidhance enabled products have repeatedly beaten the world record in DXOMARK testing score – the global market reference for image quality.

Compose & capture

Preparation is key but often overlooked in the moment. With Vidhance, your customers automatically capture high-quality videos without the need to navigate complex settings or modes.

Experience smooth, sharp, and stable footage from the start. That’s the promise of capturing video with Vidhance—effortless excellence in every frame.

Post process & consumption

Edit like a pro. Vidhance opens up the possibility to improve images and video clips after capture.

Consume videos in a better and more enjoyable way. Vidhance helps improve captured videos in ways that previously has not been possible. You can almost capture the scene again, telling a different story.


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