Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization

Smooth and stable video communication is crucial in telemedicine. It enables remote meetings with doctors, supports home care staff in dressing wounds, aids ambulance staff, provides remote expert support to surgeons, and facilitates the training of junior medical staff. These video calls are typically conducted using mobile cameras, such as smartphones or smart glasses.

Vidhance offers a suite of features that address the unique needs of real-time video communication in telemedicine.

Read about how Vidhance is used to train surgeons in Africa here.

Read the study made by Uppsala University, dept. of Information Systems on
Innovations in Surgical Training: A Study on the Acceptance of Head-Mounted Smart Cameras: Perspectives from Surgical Workshops in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization

What is it?

Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization keeps the frame stable when shooting video with a mobile camera. It also maintains the horizontal plane and corrects lens distortion, all in real-time.

Why is it useful?

When you move your body or turn your head, your eyes can naturally focus on an object. However, for the remote viewer, this can result in shaky video that is difficult to follow and can even cause motion sickness. Vidhance efficiently eliminates this shake and provides a stabilized video as if the camera were mounted on a tripod. In addition, the stabilized video reduces the bitrate which is especially valuable in remote locations with poor connectivity.

How does it work?

Vidhance’s video engine reads motion data from the camera’s motion sensors and calculates the optimal stabilization frame by frame. This robust and efficient method has been proven in over 800 million smartphones.

Vidhance Click & Lock

What is it?

Vidhance Click & Lock allows the remote viewer to zoom in on the area of interest, like a wound or a surgical site, and stay locked on the object even if the camera moves.

Why is it helpful?

This feature gives the remote viewer more control with the ability to focus on details independently from the person wearing the camera, for example getting a close-up on a wound.

How does it work?

Vidhance will track and zoom in on that object to keep it visible and in focus independent of how the camera or the object moves. If the camera turns away from the object of interest for a while, Vidhance Click & Lock will find the object and reinitiate the zoomed view as soon as the camera turns back.

Vidhance Smart Labels

What is it?

With Vidhance Smart Labels the remote expert can label objects in the video that remain fixed regardless of camera movement.

Why is it useful?

With Vidhance Smart Labels you can label objects without interrupting the live video stream with still images.

How does it work?

Vidhance Smart Labels utilizes the same technology as Vidhance Click & Lock, but instead of zooming it puts a label on the object of interest.

Vidhance Extended Field of View (EFoV)

What is it?

Vidhance EFoV allows the user to create a wide-angle image of a space or an area by turning the camera.

Why is it useful?

The remote viewer’s perspective is limited to the camera’s field of view, making it sometimes challenging to orient and understand the full context. An example is ambulance staff showing the accident scene to the staff at the hospital.

How does it work?

Vidhance EFoV links the camera’s motion sensor data to the video frames. It knows where the camera is pointing for each frame and can stitch them together to create a wide-angle picture in real-time with a minimum of computing power.

Vidhance Selfie Mode

What is it?

Vidhance Selfie Mode centers the face in the video frame.

Why is it useful?

When making a video call with a handheld smartphone or tablet, head and hand movements will disturb the viewer. Vidhance Selfie Mode takes the video call one step closer to a face-to-face meeting by keeping the face stable in the center of the frame.



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