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Implementing Vidhance to smartwatches allow users record stable videos without the struggle of keeping their device still.

Stable videos with less jitter, shake and blur

With the widespread use of smartphones for recording and live-streaming videos, consumers will naturally come to expect better performance from their smartwatches, including the ability to shoot exceptional-quality video recordings. Many smartwatches are equipped with cameras that produce jittery, shaky and blurred video footage, making it difficult for users to capture clear and stable videos. This is where video stabilization technology comes in to make video content on smartwatches more attractive and of a higher quality.

Vidhance solutions reduce shakiness and enhances video quality during filming. This helps users capture better-looking videos without the need for additional filming equipment.

Vidhance Video Stabilization is an essential feature that provides users with greater satisfaction in their smartwatch video capturing experience.

Capture better-looking videos

Vidhance Selfie Mode and Infinite Horizon Correction solutions, as well as other technologies within the Vidhance platform, address the inherent challenges of keeping smartwatches steady when capturing or recording video. These technologies, along with Vidhance Video Stabilization and Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction, are optimized for smartwatches and other consumer wearables.

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