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Vidhance in Other Applications

The Vidhance software suite is designed to enhance video from any camera exposed to uncontrolled motion, such as system cameras, action cameras, digital monoculars and binoculars, smart watches, AR glasses and more.

With access to the camera’s motion sensor data and the video stream, Vidhance can do magic. Whether embedded in the hardware abstraction layer, the application layer, or executed on a remote server, our processing is lightweight, with latency potentially as low as one frame.

Capture better videos


With the widespread use of smartphones for recording and live-streaming videos, consumers have come to expect better performance from their smartwatches, including high quality video recordings. Many smartwatches are equipped with cameras that produce jittery, shaky and blurred video footage. This is where video stabilization technology can make a big difference.

Vidhance Video Stabilization, Vidhance Selfie Mode and Infinite Horizon Correction solutions, as well as other technologies within the Vidhance platform, address the inherent challenges of keeping smartwatches steady when capturing or recording video. The Vidhance video enhancement features are optimized for smartwatches and other consumer wearables.

Digital Camera Binoculars

Digital camera binoculars don’t just bring the distant within reach; they empower the user to capture and even live-stream the far-off wonders, and by that opening up for digital video enhancement. For those who have experienced the challenge of birdwatching – maintaining a steady focus on a bird through binoculars – the game-changing effect of Vidhance Video Stabilization is undeniable.

Complementing this, our innovative Click & Lock feature offers a remote viewer the ability to zoom in and lock the video on the bird or any object of interest. This combination of technology not only enhances the viewing experience but also opens up a world of new possibilities.

Action Cameras

Action cameras, by their very nature, are subject to shakings and rapid movements. Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization provides cutting-edge video stabilization, featuring our unique Infinite Horizon Correction. This innovative feature ensures a stable horizontal plane, even when the camera is flipped upside down.

With digital video stabilization, there is a trade-off: the stabilization needs cropping of the frame. Typically, the percentage of the frame that is cropped is a preset value. However, more intense shaking requires a greater degree of cropping to maintain video stability. Vidhance Smart Stabilization intelligently optimizes this cropping, dynamically adjusting based on input from the camera’s motion sensors. The result? Exceptionally stable footage while maintaining the crop to a minimum, regardless of the action.


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