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Vidhance - From good to great

At Vidhance, we realized early that just doing more of the same image enhancement for still photography wouldn’t cut it for video. More careful considerations need to be made. Considerations that take both the medium’s limitations as well as its real-world use into the equation.

Today, Vidhance has reduced the gap between consumers with a smartphone and a professional film crew. We’re not satisfied until the result is not only world-class, but also totally intuitive for end-users. Good enough isn’t great enough!
Welcome to the world of Vidhance.

Our Solutions
Capture and share your moments instantly
Vidhance provides a limited yet well-thought-out set of functions. Our advanced software algorithms reduce complexity for users.
Our Technology
Technology that reduce complexity

Video technology can be complicated. Fortunately, although the Vidhance platform is based on state-of-the-art, real-time video algorithms, it’s both easy to integrate and to use. Stabilization, object tracking, motion-in-motion detection, smart frame composition and many other features are built in and can easily be tuned, configured and combined in any preferred manner.


Our smart and adaptive algorithms, many carefully crafted over the years, extract metadata from incoming video streams. After combining it with data from other device sensors when available, they produce professional-looking video in a fully automatic and efficient manner. Many of our algorithmic methods, as well as use case concepts, are patented or patent pending.

Vidhance Smartphones

The comprehensive Vidhance SDK allows our customers to integrate and customize Vidhance functionality as part of their phone’s operating system. Reaching down to the camera layer, it executes efficiently in real time.

Vidhance App usability
Apps and social media

Vidhance can be integrated both in apps run locally on a mobile device as well as into cloud services for live streaming and video sharing.