IMINT Image Intelligence AB changes name to Vidhance AB

UPPSALA, Sweden, January, 2024 – IMINT Image Intelligence AB (publ) (“the company”) has completed the name change to Vidhance AB, which was approved at the extraordinary general meeting held on December 14, 2023.

Our mission is to make video from moving cameras both better and more useful. That is also why we have chosen to call our products Vidhance – enhanced video. Now we take the next step and change the name of the company from Imint Image Intelligence AB to Vidhance AB, in order to further clarify our focus on video and what we do for our customers.

The company is still listed on the Spotlight Stock Market. As part of the name change, the following information will be updated:

Name: Vidhance
Short name: VIDH
The first day of trading under the new name will be 2024-01-08.

The organization number remains the same (556730-9751), as do our postal and visiting address. Our website is, just as before, accessible at


For further information, please contact:
Jonathan Ekman, CFO Vidhance AB (publ)
Phone: 018-474 99 90                 Email:


About Vidhance AB

Founded in 2007, Vidhance is a listed Swedish software enterprise focused on pioneering advancements in intelligent sensors and data analysis for optical devices, including smartphones, AR wearables, body cams, and more. The company’s Vidhance suite of video enhancement solutions is the culmination of 15 years of R&D and has to date been integrated into more than 800 million camera devices, across consumer and industrial markets.



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