Our Solutions
Video Stabilization

Proper video stabilization is not merely a question of dampening motion with low-pass filters or applying technologies originally developed for still images. A good solution should encourage users to roam around and feel liberated, safe in the knowledge that the stabilization completely removes unintentional motion while only keeping the intentional parts – and all in real time.

What it is

We have been working with real-time video stabilization since 2007. At that time, this was for professional use, such as military drones and other remotely controlled equipment. So it was natural that ‘true’ video stabilization was the first feature we brought to the smartphone market. Where the professional film crew arrives with tripods and dollies, ordinary consumers can now create dynamic video thanks to a piece of clever software running silently on their phone – Vidhance.

• Real-time video stabilization
• Superior to market-leading smartphone solutions
• Supports 4K resolution
• Supports high frame rates
How it works
• Cancels out unintended motion, wobbling and swaying, keeping only intended motion
• Optimized for real-life scenarios such as walking or sudden movements in dynamic scenery
• High precision even in low light
• Low and flexible latency
How to get it

There are several ways to acquire Vidhance technology. But since we are perfectionists, one feature is common to all; the integration will run smoothly.


Today you can get Vidhance integrated as a software layer around the camera driver, but soon you’ll also find it in different apps. We work with an open API and offer a rich level of configurations through an SDK. A standard CPU/GPU works just fine, so there are hardly any hardware dependencies or minimal requirements to worry about.