Imint and General Mobile sign three-year license for video stabilization

IMINT Image Intelligence AB (Imint) announces that the customer in the license agreement, communicated in a press release on July 9, 2018, is the Turkish smartphone manufacturer General Mobile.


“General Mobile has high ambitions and the goal is to export smartphones to 45 countries at the end of the year,” said Sabahattin Yaman, CEO of the company, during an event in Istanbul to promote the company’s new GM 9 Pro model.

GM 9 Pro has received high scores in quality measurements conducted by the French company DxoMark, which specializes in measuring image quality in smartphones and cameras.

As previously communicated, the agreement allows the customer to include Vidhance video stabilization in future smartphones. Licensing rights will last for three years from the first product launch containing Vidhance software. The agreement also includes integration, support and maintenance and allows the customer to include some additional Vidhance features for real-time video enhancement.

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