The Vidhance Trademark Guidelines

Welcome to the IMINT Image Intelligence AB (“Imint”) logo and trademark guidelines for the Vidhance® brand. This website outlines the proper use of Vidhance® logos, trademarks, brand names and/or technology names (jointly the “Vidhance Trademarks”) on products, packaging, marketing, user experience and promotional materials.  

Please note that you must always obtain a license from Imint in order to use any of the Vidhance Trademarks. Such license will be provided by Imint under the commercial license agreement for your product. 

You may use the Vidhance Trademarks in any informational and/or marketing material as depicted below and in connection with the marketing and distribution of your products, including any user documentation and advertising and promotion material for such products.

The Vidhance logo

The Vidhance logo serve as a graphic representation of the Vidhance® technologies, and proper usage ensures a consistent global identity that you can more effectively leverage to help build the value of your offering. 

The Vidhance logo will be used to represent a majority of the Vidhance video enhancement technologies going forward. Except for specific cases, as directed by Imint, you will use the Vidhance logo for products that utilize the Vidhance platform.  

Logos in other graphic formats (adapted for printed and digital use), and resolutions, are available upon request to Imint. 

  1. Vidhance is an USPTO registered trademark (registration number: 5,445,621) and shall when used in writing carry to ® symbol; “Vidhance®”. 
  2. When listing or promoting specific product features within the Vidhance product family, the features shall be prefixed with “Vidhance”. For example, “Vidhance® Video Stabilization”. 

There are two approved logo lockups (centred and horizontal) and two approved colours (black and white) for the Vidhance logo. 

Vidhance logotype horizontal


Vidhance logotype centered


Vidhance logotype horizontal – white


Vidhance logotype centered – white

Vidhance logos must be displayed in a way that preserves their integrity. Always use artwork provided by Imint. Do not alter Vidhance logos in any way.

Powered by Vidhance

Vidhance is designed to enable superb video experiences with your products. When you partner with Imint, it is important to recognize the contributions of your product and the Vidhance video technology in creating the consumer’s experience. 

The “Powered by Vidhance” marketing program will be jointly run by Imint and you. The purpose is to strengthen the brand value of the Vidhance technologies as well as your product’s brand of the licensed products, by associating the brands. A specifically designed logo, “Powered by Vidhance” (please see below) shall be used in conjunction with those of your products that has been “Powered by Vidhance”. You shall therefore use the “Powered by Vidhance” logo as depicted below to print it on the packaging box (see example below) of your product or insert a sticker inside the packaging box. Alternatively include the “Powered by Vidhance” logo on your product descriptions and product specifications or on your product’s website. Imint will increase the visibility of the “Powered by Vidhance”-partners and display the devices that are “powered by Vidhance” on its website. 


“Powered by Vidhance” logotype

Logos in other graphic formats (adapted for printed and digital use), and resolutions, are available upon request to Imint. 

Packaging If you place Powered by Vidhance logos on packaging, please see below for standard use of the logo.  

User Experience In user interfaces (UIs), where applicable, use the Powered by Vidhance logo. 

Acknowledgement Line(s): Whenever the Powered by Vidhance logo appears, the following footnote must also appear: ”Powered by Vidhance logo are trademarks of IMINT Image Intelligence AB.” 

Trademark acknowledgement and general use

The Vidhance Trademarks must always be used in accordance with US practices for the protection of trademark and service mark rights, except when the requirements are more stringent in the country from which the product or marketing containing the Vidhance Trademarks. Then, the practice of that country must be followed. 

The Vidhance Trademarks may not be incorporated into your product names, services names, trademarks, logos or company names. Moreover, you may not adopt any product names, service names, trademarks, logos, company names, marks or logos that are confusingly similar to the Vidhance Trademarks. 

You must always use the Vidhance Trademarks in the manner for which they are intended. Do not use them for goods or services for which they are not intended. Do not portray them in a negative or mocking light. 

A trademark acknowledgment statement shall be displayed whenever any of the Vidhance Trademarks are used in marketing materials. The acknowledgment must be visible on the marketing material, typically in the form of a footnote, and identify only those Vidhance Trademarks used. Various methods of trademark acknowledgment are acceptable, depending on the trademarks used and the available copy space. 

When using “Vidhance” as a trademark, the circle-R symbol must be placed after the first instance of “Vidhance” in the marketing material, along with the trademark acknowledgment: 

a) Preferred: Vidhance is a registered trademark of IMINT Image Intelligence AB. 

b) Or: Registered trademark of IMINT Image Intelligence AB. 

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