Imint Announces Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4, the Newest Video Stabilization Solution to Radically Change the Way Smartphone Users Create Professional-Quality Video Content

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With an all-new stabilization engine, Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4 can anticipate a user’s own motion and intent to remove unwanted video artifacts while smoothing and enhancing the final output.


UPPSALA, Sweden, December, 1, 2021 — Continuing to far outpace rival solutions in innovation, IMINT Image Intelligence AB (“Imint”), the global leader in video enhancement software, today announced the fourth generation of its industry-leading video stabilization solution, representing a paradigm shift in smartphone performance.

The all-new Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4 solution continues Imint’s track record of pushing the boundaries of video experience, with a completely redesigned stabilization engine that has been tested by leading smartphone manufacturers and proven to deliver outstanding video in all use cases.

“This is what we do. Video stabilization is Imint’s unchallenged expertise,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, Chief Executive Officer of Imint. “Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4 builds extensively on our years improving the Vidhance solution but takes everything a leap further. Iterative enhancements had reached the limit of effectiveness. But this new solution is a whole new approach to video stabilization and positions Imint, once again, as light years ahead of other solutions on the market.”

As more smartphone users discover new ways to record high-quality video with their phones’ increasingly sophisticated cameras, demand for superior, automated enhancement processing continues to build.

The new Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4 engine was designed to intelligently remove unwanted motion from captured smartphone video while leaving behind desired motion and smoothing out the video that remains. Not all camera bumps, shakes, and sweeps are bad, and this new solution can sense the difference. The result is professional-looking content that appears exactly as the video creator intended, even when the user is moving rapidly.

In addition to an all-new stabilization engine, this latest solution includes new look-ahead processing for improvements in memory performance. All video stabilization solutions use look-ahead processing of video frames and sensor data to help predict movement in a video. Traditional look-ahead methods, however, require a tradeoff between memory usage and video performance. Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4 streamlines look-ahead processing, preserving valuable smartphone memory while still achieving outstanding performance.

Best of all, this newest solution achieves next-level video stabilization without consuming extra battery power. Low power consumption is important to smartphone consumers, therefore Imint engineers made it a top priority when designing Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4, along with other performance benchmarks.

“What we’ve seen in our development of this fourth-generation solution is that it can deliver higher DXOMARK scores for smartphone makers because it addresses some of the measured shortcomings of classical approaches to stabilization – all while ensuring overall low power consumption,” Lifvendahl said. “This means with Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4, the industry has an opportunity to reach new levels of DXOMARK scores without extra power strain on the device. By optimizing for both performance and power efficiency, we’ve delivered the smartphone industry and beyond a truly breakthrough video stabilization solution that’s yet again changing the game.”

Imint achieved this radical improvement in video stabilization by focusing on the platform’s core. That means no additional changes are required of smartphone makers to integrate the new solution. With a simple software upgrade, users can enjoy the dramatic improvements of Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4.

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