Imint Keeps Growing – We Welcome Bettina, David and Ziquan

Imint has brought in more talents to its engineering team; and we welcome Bettina Selig, David Piuva Forsgren and Ziquan Yu, who all recently joined Imint. They all add valuable expertise and knowledge to the accelerating research, development and product building efforts. This is supportive of the goal of taking Imint to a leading position within mobile video and user experience.

Bettina Selig has PhD in Computerized Image Analysis from the Center for Image Analysis, Uppsala. As part of her PhD research, Bettina was also a visiting student at TU Delft and Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute, the Netherlands. Bettina also holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Freie Universität Berlin. Bettina’s primary research expertise is within automatic image segmentation algorithms, but her experience within robotic vision will also give valuable contributions to Imint. In this field, during her master studies at Freie Universität, Bettina was strongly involved in building up the vision system for autonomous robots playing soccer. Her team FU-Fighters was the proud winner of the RoboCup World Championship in Osaka in 2005. During her time at Center for Image Analysis, she also taught and mentored bachelor and master students at Uppsala University in the field of image analysis, pattern recognition and robotics, including a full term project on rescue robots.

David Forsgren Piuva has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University. David has been devoted to computer games and graphics for almost two decades, and has developed both his own graphics’s engine and programming language. David received the best in class award from Lundellska skolan gymnasium, and was nominated to Swedish Game Awards for best execution in 2008. With this background, and his strong interest in both audio- and imaging algorithms, he has already contributed substantially to Imint’s development on contrast optimization technologies.

Ziquan “Dominic” Yu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Information Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China, a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Dalarna University, Sweden, and a Master’s degree in Computational Science from Uppsala University. Ziquan’s experience in object identification and tracking methods and algorithms, honed in his as research assistant at the Center for Image Analysis, is adding to Imint’s further tuning of its core video motion algorithms. During his work as research assistant, Ziquan developed algorithms to identify and track individual bees in a beehive, in a project under the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Outside his academic work, he has devoted his time to computer vision projects, including novel ways to use the Kinect technology.

Simon Mika, CTO at Imint, are proud of these additions to the team, and commented:

“This ‘triplet’ of very clever engineers makes a superb combination of solid analytical skills, experience in using a researcher’s toolbox, personal devotion to the subject matter, and a can-do pragmatic way of achieving results. This enables us to put in the turbo drive in rolling out tomorrow’s technology enablers for mobile video.”

Dominic Yu is happy to be on board with Imint, and said:

“Taking image analysis methods into practical use in products is the key drive for my motivation. I’m glad to have the opportunity to join the Imint team – it is a smart and supportive group of people, set to accomplish something of significance for mobile video, and I am pleased to be able to contribute with my unique skills.”

In addition to these recent hires, Imint has also two bright master thesis students onboard, as part of the co-operation with the Center for Image Analysis. More information on these projects will be made official as the projects successfully wraps up. Part of the work is centered on novel algorithmic research in mapping mobile video to user experience, and core algorithm adaptation for this purpose.


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