Imint releases Live Object Tracker version 2.0 – first customer installation with SAAB

Swedish company Imint AB, releases Live Object Tracker version 2.0 and makes the first installation at SAAB for air traffic management solutions.


Swedish software venture IMINT Image Intelligence AB, the company behind the brand Vidhance, launches next generation of its live object tracker software module. The IMINT live object tracker, which for a long time has been a vital building block of Vidhance Live Auto Zoom, has been redesigned and updated and is now generally available as a standalone product. The live object tracker version 2.0 is an ultra-fast software video tracker designed and optimized to meet the most demanding requirements posed by embedded system environments. It is the result of years of research and development and has been proven in environments as dispersed as in smartphones, as well as in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and air traffic management. The unique feature is the ultra-fast processing time. As low as 3 milliseconds per frame can be reached, which makes it highly power efficient, or usable in extreme applications where it can track objects in up to 300 frames per second. The tracker is designed as an enabler component and can be configured to function in a wide range of applications. It is easily integrated in its target environment thanks to the well packaged and documented C++ API.

The main features are

  • Robust object locking – one of the challenges with object tracking is to keep an object locked over time, even if it is occluded or if it moves out of the frame for a period and later returns. Another problem in tracking is when an object changes shape or size during its movement. The IMINT Live Object Tracker is highly efficient in understanding an object’s change of size and form during movement and it has advanced re-identification algorithms to re-identify objects that have been lost due to occlusion or have moved outside the sensor and later reappeared.
  • Robust in busy picture environments – busy pictures with objects that lack clear boundaries are often difficult to identify and track. The IMINT live tracker has specifically tuned algorithms for tracking objects in busy picture environments.
  • Shake compensation – gyro data captured by the target system can be fed into the algorithms and further improve the tracking. If gyro data is available, the robustness of a tracker on a shaking sensor is improved. This can be specifically useful in specific cases such as autonomous driving and drone applications.

First installation of Imint Live Object tracker version 2.0 at SAAB

The new generation of Imint Live Object Tracker will have its first installation at Imint’s longtime partner SAAB and will be a vital part of their Air Traffic Management solutions for air traffic control in the airport operations industry.

The solution provided by Saab constitutes the second generation of digital air traffic control. The company has previously provided solutions to the airports in Örnsköldsvik, Sundsvall, Linköping, Malmö, Östersund, Umeå and Kiruna and has also signed contracts with London City Airport and Cranfield University in United Kingdom.


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