Life Moves Fast, Imint’s Vidhance Action Stabilization Technology Captures It Beautifully

The proliferation of wide-angle and high-resolution sensors in smartphone cameras has pushed the boundaries of video recording capabilities on mobile devices. Convenient, affordable, and accessible, smartphones enabled with these advanced imaging sensors have become the preferred tools of many consumers for capturing video. After all, shooting live footage via a smartphone is far easier to share and view than from a traditional action camera. The availability of high-speed mobile internet and pervasiveness of digital content will continue to leverage the popularity of smartphone-captured video. 


Vidhance Action Stabilization Demo Video

Imint Revolutionizes Next-Gen Video Recording 

Equipped with wide-angle and high-resolution recording capabilities, today’s smartphones can capture more of the action with greater depth and clarity, and consumers are taking full advantage of it. They’re recording more action than ever before, and not just while sitting idly courtside during a daughter’s basketball game or from the nosebleed section of an auditorium. Users are recording while in the action themselves, using a smartphone camera to film while playing tag with the kids, meandering through the crowds of a concert venue, or walking the dog along a lush, wooded pathway.  

No longer a novelty riddled with questionable results, capturing action video via a smartphone has evolved into a mainstream requirement, with consumers demanding even greater ease, simplicity, and cinematic results. Better stabilization of the video through innovative technologies like Imint’s Vidhance EIS has helped pave the way to high-quality smartphone video. 

Now, as part of the action, users need something even better to compensate for the excessive body and hand movement that happens while shooting intense action scenes. Unlike other multi-purpose video enhancement solutions, Vidhance Action Stabilization technology doesn’t just focus on general video smoothness – it optimizes video stabilization more than ever before.


Providing a Boost of Video Stability

Assuming that most unstable video during intense action scenes is caused by unwanted shakiness, Imint’s Vidhance Action Stabilization technology pushes the limits of how much stabilization can be applied to video. 

“Imagine recording video while you play with your children in the yard or compete in your first 5K. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to hold the camera steady in these situations,” said Imint CTO Johan Svensson. 

Vidhance Action Stabilization – which is already integrated in several flagship smartphones – can manipulate more of the original video, resulting in stabilization on-par with or exceeding that of dedicated action cameras. It’s an important milestone for Imint, considering the growing popularity of action video. 

“With Vidhance Action Stabilization, users can be as active as they desire without worrying about capturing unsteady video,” explained Svensson. “Recording stable video becomes easy while riding a bike down a beautiful country road or skiing down a mountain with family and friends, ensuring that life’s memorable moments – even when they’re on-the-go – are captured.” 

The consumer demand for action stabilization technology is growing rapidly, and now is an opportune time for smartphone manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon. Consumers have become increasingly savvy in how they utilize their smartphones, expect more sophistication from their smartphone applications, and rely increasingly on video as an effective mode of communication. 

“This year, action stabilization has been moved off the drawing board and into production as a huge selling feature in smartphones,” added Svensson. It’s the latest craze among consumers, a great differentiator for smartphone manufacturers, and we’re providing the technology to leverage better results.” 

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