Nils Hulth appointed acting CEO of IMINT Image Intelligence AB (publ)

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UPPSALA, Sweden, August 31, 2023 — The board of IMINT Image Intelligence AB (“IMINT” or “the company”) today decided to appoint Nils Hulth as acting CEO of the company. 

Nils Hulth

Nils has since May 2022 worked at IMINT in the role of product manager. Nils takes up his new position as acting CEO on 1 September 2023. The company’s current CEO Andreas Lifvendahl will end his position on 31 August 2023 but remains at the company’s disposal for two months.

“The board would like to thank Andreas Lifvendahl for his contribution over the past 10 years as CEO of IMINT. Andreas has done solid work in developing IMINT from a small research company in Uppsala to a listed company, with relationships with most of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. During Andreas time as CEO, IMINT has integrated its software into more than 800 million smartphones” says Johan Qviberg, chairman of the board of IMINT.

Quinary Investment AB and Andreas Lifvendahl have the common ambition to select Andreas as member of IMINT’s board.

For additional information, please contact:
Johan Qviberg, chairman of the board IMINT Image Intelligence
Phone: +46 70-840 48 91


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