Reflections from the Mobile World Congress 2018


Exhausted but excited! The team is back in the office again after yet another hectic week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and this show has for us been the best by far! We have had the opportunity to meet with most of our customers and we have also had many high-quality meetings with interesting leads to whom we have had the pleasure to present, demo and spread the word about video stabilization, Live Auto Zoom and future concepts.

The sheer amount of information among all booths is just overwhelming so you normally need a couple of days to discern the overall trends and ideas from all the buzz. The most obvious trends are still about 5G, IoT, self-driving cars, VR/AR. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are also hot, and we can see that many companies are progressing from previously just talking about the concepts to also presenting concrete applications where AI is a key component. The real idea by enhancing a traditional application with AI is to equip them with a deeper understanding of human intent. With a better understanding of human intent applications can even better addresses the real need of a user. Many of these applications will truly help people in their daily lives and I am sure that we will see many more in the near future.

For the smartphone manufacturer’s perspective the product portfolio from the different vendors are still very similar, the form factor of most smartphones are (with a few examples) more or less identical and many struggle to make their offering stand out. It is obvious that the camera function is one of the few components that they can rely on to differentiate the offering against the competition. And to stand out against the crowd a good video experience is increasingly important, which is good for us!

We are very happy and proud to be part of the hype around the new models from French company Wiko, who unveiled their new phones View 2 and View 2 PRO which both sport stabilization and Live Auto Zoom from us, see the press event here.

On behalf of the entire IMINT team I would like to thank everyone involved, from all hard workers at IMINT to all our customers and prospects, for making the Mobile World Congress 2018 a true success!

Now it is time to get back to work, there are a whole lot of actions to take care about!


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