Season’s greeting from Imint’s CEO Andreas Lifvendahl

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We’re approaching holiday seasons, and the turn of yet another year.  It’s a good time to reflect upon past achievements and plan and muster strength for upcoming endeavors. 2018 did become a key turning point for Imint with a fantastic proliferation of Vidhance! As with most things successful – it takes a team to win. My heartfelt thanks go out in all directions. First – our customers who put their trust in us and our capabilities. Second -to everyone working at and for Imint; never have I seen such professional and dedicated team. And third – to all partners and supporters, which also include the many thousand that invested in our company.

We started 2018 with a set of very brave goals; both from a corporate level, but also for every function within Imint. As we wrap, we surpassed our own ambitious goals, in every aspect. A great company is like a well working piece of machinery – there is no part more important than any other part. When everything is working in sync and in harmony, the output is mind-blowing.

Let me give a few examples. From a sales perspective 2018 was yet another fast-growing year. We lived up to the trust we earned in 2017 for the customer that decided to have their devices Powered by Vidhance. We were also fortunate to have more prominent companies sign up with us, such as Xiaomi, Fujitsu, Tinno, JetLive and General Mobile.

I speak on behalf of all of us working at Imint: It is a truly humbling sensation to realize that maybe up to 100 million people will pick up their smartphones, capture a video clip, and feel proud and happy of the result – thanks to our clever engineers!

We have certainly excelled in our engineering output this year. Here are a few examples I’m especially proud of:

  • We have extended and clarified our product portfolio, in a logical yet innovative way – by looking at the image life cycle. From that moment where you realize this is a moment to store and share, to later on, where you want to remember and relive the experience – Vidhance products is there to support you all the way.
  • Our customers want primarily two things: State of the art video enhancement algorithms, and easy low risk integration onto their devices. We’ve put equal emphasis on the second part. The Vidhance SDK is receiving constant acclaim, and our team of integration and tuning experts provide that final touch to make every smartphone – that is Powered by Vidhance – shine.
  • Working close to our partners that provide the underlying hardware (System on a Chip, SoC), is essential for us. It is when our software adapts and utilize all the clever accelerators built into silicon we can truly excel. For many years now, we have stayed at the bleeding edge with Qualcomm’s new SoC architectures. In 2018, we broadened – we released the MediaTek edition of our Vidhance SDK. It was the third addition to our Vidhance supported platforms list, in addition to Qualcomm and HiSilicon Kirin.
  • Vidhance has become synonymous to best-in-class video stabilization for premium smartphones. We are very proud of this position. But we are equally proud of the fact that 2018 marked the year when we went further, and became the leader in smartphone video enhancements, extending beyond video stabilization. Most of our customers now deploy a multitude of Vidhance functions in their phones. We’ve become the go-to experts in most issues involving smartphone cameras and video.

No one wants to read long texts with only self-praise. If there will be continued success, it is entirely up to you, dear reader. When you set out to do great things, but without certainty of success, there is only one currency that has real value: trust. Again, my thanks go out in all directions; those who have trusted to join and work with us.


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