Vidhance empowers TECNO’s Smartphone Video Performance

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Smartphone cameras are possibly the most frequently-used technology of today, catapulted to importance with the rise of social media and short-video applications, such as TikTok. The increasing number of users crave for cameras with superior imaging capabilities on mobile devices. According to iResearch, a Chinese market research company, the shooting function is the most important factor for Chinese consumers to buy smartphones.


Video stabilization needs for an era of video socialization

In the process of gradually upgrading the cameras of the mobile phone from flip phones with mediocre camera to smartphones with advanced multi-lens camera systems, we have witnessed a disruptive change in camera systems. The cameras on phones are optimized for photos, videos, telephoto subjects, ultra-wide landscapes, selfies, and more. It’s not just hardware either, as some software algorithms and AI to provide optimal imaging experiences.

With the popularity of short video social media platforms, people are encouraged to record and share their moments of life through smartphone camera anytime and anywhere, which puts higher requirements on shooting technology and products. The smartphone devices with ultra-steady and ultra-clear camera will be the great need for the new generation of consumers in an era of video socialization.

Collaborative innovation to reimagine video stabilization

Imint’s Vidhance video enhancement technology is already leveraged by over 600 million smartphones around the world. Recently, Imint and TECNO enhanced partnership to improve smartphone imaging performance with Vidhance video stabilization that is used on the CAMON 18 Premier.

TECNO CAMON 18 Premier is the first TECNO product to take Stabilized Gimbal Camera technology that leveraged the Vidhance video stabilization algorithms to ensure the smartphone bring video shooting ultra-clear and stable in even any dark or light sceneries.

The collaborative innovation between Imint and TECNO enhances CAMON 18 Premier with unparalleled anti-shaking technology at 300% more stable than other smartphones without the anti-shaking technology. It has a rotation angle of up to 5x greater than traditional OIS technology and 3x better image stability, which is essential to produce smooth video.

Vidhance of tomorrow exploring more possibilities of imaging smartphone

Based on groundbreaking software stabilization algorithms, Vidhance Video Stabilization is one of the revolutionary solutions. It provides a stable and better result whenever the camera in motion is used. Imint’s world leading algorithm is expanding with many video stabilization add-on features, such as Active OIS support, 4K@60fpt support, higher frame rates support (>30fps) and Front Camera Stabilization.

Vidhance plays a key role in meeting all trends in new era and improving TECNO to create brand-new video experience to users. To support new needs of imaging technology of smartphone, Vidhance video stabilization of tomorrow will further improve customization and optimization to give anti-shaking shooting experience depending on the use case.

Let’s redefine video stabilization together

At Imint, we are leading the transition to a new paradigm of how video stabilization is defined, tested, optimized and used. We’re working on a new generation of our world-leading video enhancement platform Vidhance to create more realistic video experiences and enable more flexible optimizations. Learn more in our guide, “Redefining video stabilization quality”.

Nobody has all the answers to questions like how video stabilization test criteria can be adapted yet, but let’s work on them together. We want to share our knowledge and help craft meaningful test criteria for next-gen video stabilization. Contact us to continue the dialogue. For inspiration, insights and best practices for the next generation of video stabilization, enter your email address below and subscribe to our newsletter.


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