Zenfone 9 delivers outstanding video with Vidhance Video Stabilization Gen 4

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The Zenfone series by Asus has been renowned for its video performance for years and has already featured Vidhance in several previous models. Now, Imint and Asus are breaking new ground in their collaboration with the Zenfone 9, one of the first handsets to use Vidhance Gen 4. The latest generation of Imint’s video enhancement platform is combined with hardware upgrades to the Zenfone 9 to deliver an all-around outstanding video experience, especially for 8K videos.

Zenfone 9

Raising the performance bar for a compact flagship

Following in the footsteps of the pioneering vision for the Zenfone 8, to create one of the smallest Android flagships, the Zenfone 9 packs even more power into a compact form factor. To accomplish this, it was essential for Asus to carefully select and optimize each hardware component and software layer. To avoid the need for a big bulky battery, maximum performance with minimum power consumption was the order of the day.

“Video stabilization is no longer merely ‘nice to have’ but a must for any phone looking to deliver compelling video experiences. Our goal was to ensure the best EIS performance with the least power consumption and memory requirements. After a thorough analysis of all options, Vidhance Gen 4 stood out for delivering the best overall results. We were also pleased with the ease of integration, hands-on support and close collaboration with Imint,” says Bryan Chang, General Manager of Phone BU at Asus.

A hardware platform that gives video stabilization the best conditions to shine

Asus has brought in the heavy artillery to upgrade the hardware of the Zenfone 9 from the previous generation Zenfone 8. With the Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1, upgraded camera sensors and lenses, and a 6-axis Hybrid Gimbal Stabilizer, the handset boasts an impressive hardware platform. This platform’s advanced processing power, resolution support and hardware-based stabilization all go hand in hand with Vidhance’s EIS algorithms to deliver the best video performance, and it’s a great achievement that Vidhance’s EIS fully supports 8K video among others without any compromise.

“With the Zenfone 9, Asus didn’t leave anything to chance. They made sure to choose top-of-the-line hardware across the board. There is no weakest link holding back the potential of the platform as a whole. We couldn’t agree more with this approach and see this platform as an excellent opportunity to showcase what our new generation of Vidhance, paired with Active OIS, can really do at its best,” says Johan Svensson, Chief Technology Officer at Imint.

One-handed video on the go poses new challenges

One of the advantages of the Zenfone 9’s compact form factor is the ability to comfortably hold it with just one hand. This caters to users who are on the go, especially for taking pictures and shooting video quickly and easily while using the other hand for something else. For video, this new use case required a smarter approach to video stabilization.

“Your grip is not as steady when holding a phone with only one hand. At the same time, shooting video while in motion generates more shakiness. The smarter algorithms of Vidhance Gen 4 are a perfect match for the Zenfone 9 here. The built-in intelligence adapts video stabilization to how the phone is being used on the fly to always create the best possible output video in a wide variety of use cases. This aligns with our vision to empower our users to express their creativity,” says Bryan Chang, General Manager of Phone BU at Asus.

Empowering everyday users to shoot pro-quality video

Vidhance Gen 4 is centered around creating a more realistic video experience tailored to human viewing preferences, like a Hollywood film. It delivers improved performance using smarter algorithms without any increase in power consumption. Gen 4 also brings improvements in suppressing unintended motion and is just as easy to integrate as previous generations with a comprehensive SDK.

“Vidhance Gen 4 makes video recorded with the Zenfone 9 look just like it was recorded by a pro. The smooth panning, soft transitions and increased realism empower everyday users to produce pro-quality video. These Gen 4 improvements make the Zenfone 9 stand out from past generations and competitors alike, setting a new standard of video performance that is sure to delight our users,” says Bryan Chang, General Manager of Phone BU at Asus. 

Learn more about Vidhance Gen 4

Want to see for yourself what the fourth generation of Vidhance video stabilization can really do? Check out some demonstration videos on our Gen 4 web page or test the quality of the video stabilization through Imint’s VSCET, contact us here


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