Imint and Motorola Collaborate to Establish a New Standard for Video Performance in Smartphones

IMINT Image Intelligence AB (“Imint”), a global leader in video enhancement software, today announced it is collaborating with Motorola to integrate the company’s industry-leading Vidhance video optimization solutions into the new Motorola edge+  flagship smartphone. The resulting mobile device is equipped with the most advanced video stabilization in the industry, making it ideal for a growing number of smartphone users who want to create and share high-quality video content.

“Imint and Motorola are setting the bar for video performance in smartphones higher than it’s ever been,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, Imint. “Our best-in-class Vidhance solutions, combined with the Motorola edge+ smartphone platform, empowers consumers to create video content previously reserved for professionals and high-end video cameras.”

Among the specific Vidhance solutions featured in the motorola edge+ are Vidhance Video Stabilization with Active OIS support, Vidhance Horizon Correction, Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction and Vidhance Field of View Correction.

Vidhance Video Stabilization with Active OIS builds on Imint’s industry-leading software stabilization algorithms, which use the built-in sensors of today’s smartphones to compensate for unwanted camera movement while recording. The Active OIS solution combines optical image stabilization (OIS)—a well-established technology for still imaging—with electronic image stabilization (EIS), to create the most stable video recordings possible, especially in low light environments. OIS reduces unwanted motion in an image by mechanically shifting the lens as the camera moves or shakes, while EIS—a Vidhance speciality created specifically for recording video—works in software to anticipate camera movement and adjust for it in real-time. The result is stable, stunning video in all lighting conditions.

Motorola edge+ also features the debut of the new Vidhance Horizon Correction solution. A skewed or unstable horizon can make video appear disjointed and awkward, especially when editing together different video sequences or recording while in motion. With Vidhance Horizon Correction, the horizon in a video can be leveled automatically without impacting stabilization quality.

“In the past, smartphone users have often prioritized still-images over video, but that’s changing rapidly,” explained Thomas Milner, Head of Global Product Marketing at Motorola. “Today, with the rise of Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and other apps, users are demanding high-quality video from their mobile devices. Everyone is a content creator, and they want to create pro-quality media right from their phones. Working with Imint and adopting its Vidhance solutions establishes the Motorola edge+ as the premier mobile device for entertainment.”

Introduced in April, motorola edge+ is a first-of-its-kind smartphone. While setting a standard for video capture and creation, it is also the ultimate media playback device – boasting a 108-megapixel camera sensor, an immersive 21:9 aspect ratio AMOLED Endless Edge display that waterfalls over its sides, and a studio-quality sound system that impresses even the most discerning ear. The flagship leverages the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and is optimized to deliver the fastest 5G processing on the market.

Motorola edge+ also features Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction and Vidhance Field of View Correction solutions. Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction builds on Vidhance stabilization technology by learning from the software processing and fine-tuning different parameters to account for movement and light, minimizing the effects of motion blur. Vidhance Field of View Correction eliminates unwanted zooming effects caused by changes in a camera’s focal length when shifting focus. Such artifacts, often introduced by shortcomings in the cameras’ lens systems, can ruin otherwise compelling video.

“Imint has developed a suite of tools that allow pioneers like Motorola to equip their flagship devices with a premium video experience that exceeds today’s surging consumer demand for high-quality content capturing,” concluded Lifvendahl. “Like Motorola, Imint is at its best when pushing the envelope of mobile experiences – and the new Vidhance-enabled motorola edge+ does just that.”

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