Horizon Correction

Tired of skewed horizons when you record handheld videos? Vidhance Horizon Correction solves this problem.

Automatically leveled

Handheld recordings are synonymous with moving the camera a lot, which causes skewed horizons. With still images, it’s quite easy to correct this issue afterwards, but this is more tricky when it comes to video, where the angle may change over time.

This is why camera devices need Vidhance Horizon Correction. With Vidhance Horizon Correction the horizon is automatically leveled, using gravity sensor data, within a predefined range of tilt without impacting stabilization quality. Vidhance Horizon Correction works seamlessly as an add-on to Vidhance Video Stabilization.

  • Avoid common beginner mistakes
  • No time-consuming post-processing, it’s all in real-time and can be viewed in preview
  • No extra latency
  • Less crop gives more field of view

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