Get Inspired – Body-Worn Cameras For Police Open Up For Better Law Enforcement

What really happened? If you have a recorded video of the situation it’s of course easier to find out the truth. Body-worn cameras reveal both eventual police misconduct and the possibility to document a criminal act.



Body-worn cameras have become a standard element on police and security guard uniforms. When studying the benefits, it is not difficult to understand why. 

Body-worn cameras for police offer a range of different features. They can record both video and audio, be turned on manually or automatically, provide real-time streaming to an operation room and collect vital data, such as timestamps and GPS coordinates – material that is uploaded to external databases and can work as crucial evidence in a upcoming trial.

What can a body-worn camera do? 

The body-worn cameras for police keep getting smaller, increasing in battery time and taking further technological leaps. The clip-on camera blends in with the police uniform and is hard to spot for the person that is being filmed. A wireless holster sensor can turn on body-worn camera every time a gun is drawn. The development of facial recognition technology will also be a useful tool for police to identify individuals of special interest in the near future.

Increased video quality with Vidhance 

Good video quality is of course vital when choosing the optimal body worn-camera for law enforcement purposes. Policemen are often involved in heated and violent situations which places high demands on the body worn-camera to cope with sudden movements. A blurry recording can obstruct the process of accountability.

By integrating Imint’s video stabilization software Vidhance to the body cam, the video content quality will always be smooth, sharp and stable. Making it possible to identify a perpetrator during hasty circumstances.

IMINT and Hytera Communications join forces 

We intend to be at the frontline of the development of body-worn cameras for police and other uniformed personnel. Imint have therefore recently signed a license agreement with Hytera Communications. The agreement gives Hytera the right to include Vidhance software in upcoming product launches of body-worn cameras.

Hytera Communications Corp. Ltd. has an extensive product portfolio in communication and video camera equipment, primarily focused on professional markets. Keep your eyes open for upcoming releases!

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