Imint Debuts Highly Anticipated Vidhance Photo Zoom Stabilization Solution for the Smartphone Market

With smartphones offering far greater zoom capabilities, Imint’s latest solution addresses the problem of shaky zoomed previews by enabling high-quality, super stable photo previews even at full zoom.

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UPPSALA, Sweden, March 30, 2022 — IMINT Image Intelligence AB (“Imint”), a global leader in video enhancement software, has brought its deep expertise to still imagery with the release of Vidhance Photo Zoom Stabilization, a new solution designed to improve the experience of taking zoomed pictures with smartphones.

“Today’s smartphones give users the ability to zoom in at very high levels, but anyone who’s tried to zoom more than even a little can appreciate the issues that come with such advanced technology,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, Chief Executive Officer of Imint. “At high zoom levels, it can be hard to keep the phone stable enough to frame your subject properly, especially if the subject is moving. And there is often a mismatch between that which a user previews on the phone’s screen and the photo that’s actually captured. Vidhance Photo Zoom Stabilization solves these problems.”

Vidhance Photo Zoom Stabilization leverages technology included in Imint’s industry-leading Vidhance Video Stabilization solution to keep the photo subject clear and in-frame, even at the highest zoom levels. The technology not only ensures high-quality photos at high zoom levels, it also helps stabilize a smartphone’s preview function, so users can see clearly what they’re photographing, even as they zoom in or out.

Like all Vidhance solutions, Photo Zoom Stabilization was developed to preserve battery power and consume little of a smartphone’s memory resources. It is fully compatible with existing optical image stabilization (OIS) solutions.

“Our engineers have once again developed a solution that addresses a pervasive and nagging problem within smartphone photography – one experienced by anyone who takes zoomed photos,” stated Imint CTO Johan Svensson. “With Vidhance Photo Zoom Stabilization, smartphone users will be able to capture high-quality, properly-framed images at full-zoom that accurately reflect their preview. It’s an exciting update for the smartphone market and one that will have a big impact on zoomed photo quality.”

Imint’s existing suite of Vidhance solutions also includes Vidhance Video StabilizationVidhance Selfie ModeVidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction, and Vidhance Horizon Correction, amongst many others.

Vidhance Video Stabilization removes unwanted camera movement to produce video stabilization on par with or exceeding dedicated action cams; Vidhance Selfie Mode combines Imint’s expertise in video stabilization with AI-based facial detection to center smartphone users in a video frame, even while they’re moving; Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction minimizes the effect of motion-blur in stabilized video; and Vidhance Horizon Correction auto-levels crooked horizons in videos.

Imint’s Vidhance suite of video and now photo enhancement solutions are used by leading smartphone manufacturers such as Motorola, Xiaomi, and Vivo, amongst others.

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