Photo Zoom Stabilization

Keep the preview stable even while zooming

Keep the preview stable even while zooming

Today’s smartphones give us the ability to use very high zoom-levels. Anyone who has ever tried zooming more than just a little can witness the issues with keeping the phone stable enough to keep your object within the frame. Even more so if your object is moving. Sometimes, there is also a mismatch between what is seen on your screen and what is actually captured in your photo.

Vidhance Photo Zoom Stabilization is created to assist the user in framing a distant object using high zoom levels.  When using Vidhance Photo Zoom stabilization, the preview is smooth and stable and framing is easy and intuitive. 

The benefits of using Vidhance Photo Zoom Stabilization starts as soon as the zooming begins and gets more important the higher the zoom levels become.

  • Eliminates shake in the preview when taking a photo.
  • Makes framing a specific object easy.
  • Increases user experience at all zoom levels.
  • Aligns preview with the captured image.
  • Compatible with all other image enhancements.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy Integration.
  • Compatible with all chipsets.

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