Imint Video Primer – Introduction


Hi there!

My name is Marcus Näslund. I am a mathematician, software developer, and a serious consumer of tea here at Imint.

I was part of the initial Vidhance Live Auto Zoom dev team, but nowadays I am mostly engaged with developing and maintaining our core libraries (for high-performance mathematics, graphics, etc.) that we use to make the Vidhance video enhancement software as efficient and powerful as possible. In general, I have the final word on whether new code lives up to our high standards of efficiency, portability, maintainability, and style.

Throughout the years we have built up so much collective knowledge and experience in our office that we want to share with you. Therefore, in a series of technical blog posts under the name “Imint Video Primer”, I will offer glimpses into why working with real-time video enhancement software can be so challenging, and fun! Topics will touch upon the possibilities and impossibilities of smartphone hardware, all the intricate systems behind mobile video, and the tremendous behind-the-scenes work we put in to perfect it.

The intention is to write in a general, “popular science” style, but should you not know the difference between a CPU and a GPU there is only so much I can do. ? As is hopefully obvious, I can neither share with you those details that put us ahead of our competitors, nor anything about current or potential customers.

In any event, I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am. Feel free to contact me at with your thoughts, comments, or ideas for future topics.

The first post will come later this month! Stay tuned!

/ Marcus


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