Massive Media Interest in Vidhance Mobile

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Imint’s recent launch of Vidhance® Mobile has attracted substantial interest from industry press.

Göte Fagerfjäll, senior editor at Elektronik i Norden, wrote:

“The result is impressive. The Android-version of the software launched today stabilizes the video captured by the phone to the level where it could be made for the movie industry. Shakes and vibrations are eliminated, while keeping latency to a minimum.”

The full article in Elektronik i Norden is available here (in Swedish).

Marie Alpman writes in Ny Teknik, the largest weekly technology apper in Sweden, with close to 300,000 readers. Alpman wrote:

“If you have been standing next to a soccer field, trying to record your kid’s game with your mobile phone, you share this experience: it is hard to keep the camera still. This problem is resolved by the Uppsala company Imint.”

The full article in Ny Teknik is available here (in Swedish).

The Magazine ComputerSweden also covered the launch, with editor Joel Åsblom commenting:

“The technology now under development at Imint is a refinement of their Vidhance software, where they are able to analyze the slow, swaying and unintended motions resulting from hand-held filming.”

The full article in ComputerSweden is available here (in Swedish).

Also Elektroniktidningen covered the release of Vidhance Mobile, with full article found here (in Swedish)


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