Xiaomi announces the Mi 9 with Motion Tracking which is Powered by Vidhance

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Xiaomi Communication Co., Ltd, a customer of Imint Image Intelligence AB (publ) since January 2018, yesterday announced the new flagship smartphone Mi 9 at an event in Beijing. On display was the video recording feature “Motion Tracking”, which is based on “Vidhance Live Composer”, providing ultra-smooth composition and zoom when filming a moving object.


Imint – famous for its world leading video enhancement algorithms is now gaining increased market traction for its Vidhance Live Composer™ product, becoming an advanced motion tracking video recording mode for the new Mi 9.

Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, commented:

“Vidhance® Live Composer from Imint gives the user the power to compose videos just like a professional, and she can instantly create engaging videos for immediate sharing on social media. We are very happy that Xiaomi has chosen to launch this feature as “Motion Tracking”. I’m happy that more consumers get the chance to use it and experience the difference it makes to creating memorable clips.”

Xiaomi product web site in Chinese here.

Vidhance Live Composer product web site here.


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