Video Stabilization

Vidhance wants to raise the bar for video stabilization. For the last 15 years, we have developed cutting edge solutions that today are vital components in original products from world leading technology manufacturers.

What’s in the secret sauce?

What are the main reasons Vidhance Video Stabilization works so well with smartphones and other camera devices? The answer is the solution’s ability to combine sensor data from the smartphone’s gyro with the patented stabilization IP and to apply frame-to-frame video stabilization in the form of cancellation of unintended movement between frames. We are making hand held video recordings bulletproof to unintended motion, wobbling and swaying.

A game changer in video stabilization

Vidhance Video Stabilization is one of those revolutionary solutions. Based on groundbreaking software stabilization algorithms, Vidhance Video Stabilization is a game changer. This is reflected in the DXOMARK score, which reached record levels.

Vidhance Video Stabilization is optimized for smartphones, but can be used for all kinds of moving and motion cameras.

  • Low power consumption
  • High performance in low light conditions
  • Can be developed in both real time and in post processing mode
  • Compatible with existing OIS
  • Separate handling and hence tuning of captured and preview stream
  • Support of 4K video

Compensate rotation

What about instant rotation? Vidhance Video Stabilization provides the optimal compensation. Once again, our engine uses the smartphone’s gyro sensor to measure the rotation of the camera, creating a very robust solution and independent of the frame content. Vidance Video Stabilization uses an advanced 3D model of the entire camera system to avoid any unnatural artifacts, such as keystoning and rolling shutter distortion.

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